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Shark NV356E Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E vacuum cleaner is a premium model, about $200, in their vacuum cleaner line. This cleaner has a lot of features, so the average homeowner will only need to purchase one machine.

The Shark NV356E is an upright style vacuum cleaner in a white and light grey color. It has a lift-away wand, which can take a variety of cleaning attachments. This increases its versatility, so that it can be used for a variety of cleaning situations. As you can read on the vacuum cleaner reviews site, it can clean smooth floors, carpets, stairs, furniture, cushions, and even shelves and tables.

It has a long wand that can be used to reach up to the upper corners of rooms, tall shelving units, and the tops of drapes, and provides a way to clean the entire room.

Shark NV356E has its patented “Never Loses Suction Technology” which keeps the vacuum’s suction power as powerful on the first day, and up to when the debris canister is completely filled up. This is one benefit of using a bagless vacuum cleaner, as the traditional bagged vacuum cleaners always run low on power as the bags fill up.

Shark-Navigator-NV356E-total-clean-298x300This vacuum cleaner also benefits from the HEPA filtration system. This is an anti-allergen complete seal technology, and it keeps allergens safely inside the debris canister, without escaping through the vent. There is also an additional HEPA filter, and this can be removed and washed and cleaned. There are also extra filters available to order for parts and accessories, should yours wear out.

The Shark NV356E has a large clear debris canister that will hold a lot of debris before it needs to be emptied. This extra-large canister is light-weight and extremely portable. It easily lifts out from the central body for additional cleaning. It’s also simple to remove the clear plastic canister and empty it into the trash bin.

Besides the standard brush roll that comes with this vacuum, the Navigator has a special hardwood or tile floor attachment that takes microfibre pad. This is called the Dust-Away attachment. These pads can be easily washed and reused, but can also be purchased separately, should you need to replace them. This is an additional purchase, but well worth the additional cost. There are two microfiber pads included in the box. These pads provide a smooth and gentle solution to cleaning hardwood floors. They allow for the suctioning of larger particles, but can also dust floors with one step. There is also a contemporary and a premium brush roll choice.

Stairs can be vacuumed by removing the long wand attachment, and by carrying the canister up the stairs with the convenient carrying handle. This makes cleaning the steps a lot easier than having to lug the entire vacuum cleaner up each step.

Another great feature of the Shark NV356E is its ability to do swivel steering. This feature is not available on the more inexpensive models of vacuum cleaners. Swivel steering will enable you to more easily maneuver around corners and the legs of furniture. There is less chance for missing any spots on the floor, and less chance that you will damage your furniture.

The Shark NV356E Navigator vacuum cleaner also comes with a thirty foot long cord, which should enable for the vacuuming of most house floors, or an apartment, without the need to move the cord.

If you’ve been seeking a great all-in-one vacuum cleaner, you should search for vacuum cleaner reviews on the web, because this is 4.5 out of 5 star vacuum cleaner. It also has a one year Shark warranty.