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Use the Force to Control Your BB8 Droid

Star Wars has been one of the hottest movie franchises around, sparking many exciting new toys. Soon you’ll have a new way to control your BB8 droid—through the use of a smart band. Is it the force, or is it cool new technology? You’ll get to wear a wrist band to control the movements of your miniature droid from the Spero company.

Through the wearing of the watch you control your droid by using gestures. This was one of the hottest toys for December 2015, timed exactly at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens release. BB8 was one of the more popular characters in the movie. He was a small global droid that rolled around on his body while he held his head in the air through magnetism.

The toy fits into the palm of the player’s hand and is a fairly good replica of the character from the film. Upon the initial release you could control him through your smart phone or tablet. But now the watch will do a good job too.

This watch is also made by Sphero and is promised later in the year for a fall release. This watch is white, with orange graphics on a square faceplate. It’s designed to match your BB8 droid. You can pretend to raise your arm to mimic how Luke or Yoda control the force through movements, but in this case raising and moving your arm will cause BB8 to move around.

BB 8

While it may not really be the force, it will certainly appear to be, and offer some amazing moments to impress your friends.

Right now there are only prototypes of the band being shown, such as at CES 2016—an innovative consumers show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Once the band appears on the market you’ll be able to do a variety of moves with your droid. You’ll be able to adjust the droid’s speed and its direction, all solely through hand movements. You’ll be able to put away your iPhone or Android device.

Apparently the band may not even be white and orange when it reaches the market later this year. It may even appear completely different. It’s unknown how much it will cost too, but may be an affordable option for someone who doesn’t wish to purchase an iPhone or Android just to operate the cool BB8 toy.

The band is set to come out in fall 2016, right before the release of the next Star Wars film: Rogue One. As expected, there will be a newer version of the BB8 by this time. It will have a more rugged and weathered look than the brand new version currently on the shelves. This should be more in line with the BB8 in the movie, as he traversed the sands of Tatooine.

It’ll be exciting to see what other toys Sphero comes out with that can be controlled with their new smart band, but for now, BB8 should keep kids and adults entertained for hours.